Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oprah Winfrey's Contributions to Society

The Oprah Winfrey Show broadcast nationally in 1986 and became the number one talk show across the country. In 1987, its first year of eligibility, the show received three Daytime Emmy Awards in the categories of Outstanding Host, Outstanding Talk/Service Program and Outstanding Direction. The following year, Oprah herself received the International Radio and Television Society's "Broadcaster of the Year" Award, as the youngest person ever to receive that award. In 2000, Oprah's Angel Network began presenting a $100,000 "Use Your Life Award" to people who are using their own lives to improve the lives of others. At this time Oprah now publishes two magazines, The Oprah Magazine, and O at Home. In 2003, Forbes published its list of America's billionaires, it disclosed that Oprah Winfrey was the first African-American woman to become a billionaire.
Oprah Winfrey has helped to shape American society because she showed the world that it was possible to have a tough childhood and still come out on top. She is a role model to young girls that perseverance will help them to achieve anything that they want out of life. Also, the candor and realness of her show, has helped many people to understand different things about each other and their peers. Winfrey is an icon of what a powerful woman is and what she can accomplish.  Especially now that she has her own TV network, Winfrey has her own media empire. 

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